YipTV is here to support the fastest growing demographic in the United States that is also underserved and unappreciated many instances - The Hispanic Community.

YipTV offers live streaming of Spanish and English TV from around the world that specifically supports the Hispanic community,  offerings include live sports broadcasts, music videos, international news, educational television, movies, talk shows, etc.  

Today’s content is not always targeted to the Hispanic demographic customers pay for content that’s not consumed, high costs reduce overall value; virtual stacking, multiple bills can equal unreasonable monthly subscription fees.

YipTV offers a free streaming solution to meet your needs with the content you actually want to see!

What makes YipTV different? The team at YipTV has deep rooted experience in providing innovative global products to support the Hispanic Culture. We understand the frustrations of not having access to "enough news from my country" or "cable and satellite cost to much" or "there isn't enough VOD movies in Spanish" or "I just want one app that gives me everything - live TV, VOD, and music" and finally "I'don't have a credit card or a bank account". We hear the frustrations from the culture and have created a solution that creates an entertainment experience you deserve!

YipTV has created an immersive experience that provides immediate access to the content you're seeking that is available across all your devices.

Free Streaming Video and Music.

Enjoy with your loved ones a wide variety of TV channels in Spanish and English. Stream all you want at home or on the go!

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